Weather woes

While packing, repacking, shopping and planning for my Southeast Asian adventure, I was not anticipating the winter weather would raise havoc.

Just recieved notice my flight was cancelled, yet they have put me on an earlier flight.

Tried on my photo backpack, complete with 2 bodies, 3 lenses, and computer, and it weighs half as much as I do.

Hopefully I’ll be able to walk without falling backwards!

Praying the snow will hold off until I’m safely airborne.

Bangkok or bust!

2 thoughts on “Weather woes

  1. You are lucky to get out. We would have been in sunny Florida, dining in 75 degree sunshine on the sparkling intercoastal, then hanging out with my sister, botherinlaw and 2 nieces in our luxury condo on the Jupiter Golf Club. All flights from Newark were cancelled due to .25″ of snow. Then we are stuck here to deal with the real storm tonight with 8″ of snow we could have avoided shovelling.
    Bon Voyage to SE Asia. The Expedia friendly person who helped us seek other flights out last night was talking to us from and enjoying the warmth and sun of the Phillipines.


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