A brief encounter

Having been back from Cambodia for a few weeks now, I am still thinking of the 10 year-old girl I met in Angkor Wat.  I first saw her taking a break from her recycling work,  resting in that great Wonder of the World in Siam Reap.

As I was continuing my tour of the ancient temple, I came upon a beautiful walkway, and just as I was hoping someone would walk into the frame, my young friend arrived.  Though she spoke no English, and I not a word of Khmer,  she seemed to understand my request.  She was unlike the other children we had met that day, aggressively demanding money for trinkets and postcards.  She was sweet and quiet.  I wished I had more to give her than a few dollar bills and my bottle of water to recycle.

I wonder about her and if she ever thinks of that petite photographer who captured her image one day in March.

2 thoughts on “A brief encounter

  1. Thanks, Karl.
    I still think about that young girl and was actually wondering if you do “encounter” her on your next visit if you can get any info.
    Does she have a family??
    I’m serious about the connection.. I’d love to give her a better life!
    (Just call me Angelina)


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