Zack’s Bar Mitzvah

I first met Susan, Pam, Ashley and Zach many years ago, when I was photographing them for a documentary project which was shown at the Rye Arts Center.  We grew to be friends, and even though I was NOT invited to Pam and Susan’s recent wedding (an oversight, I’m sure), I was happy to be asked to photograph Zak’s bar mitzvah.. This was a special occasion, since Zack has ADHD and they were not sure he would even be able to make it through, but the whole ceremony and reception was fanastic.  There was so much support and love for Zack in the temple, that not one guest was included who didn’t have a special relationship with Zack. (Even his 96 year old Grandmother was able to attend).  I hope I can continue to photograph this family until Zack and Ashley get married and have kids of their own.  Congrats to Zack, Momma Pam, Momma Susan and the most wonderful big sister, Ashley!

Mazel Tov!

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