My favorite image

While going through all the thousands (no, probably millions) of photos I have taken since 1980, this one is still my favorite.  I was in photography school at NESOP, living in Boston, newly married. Steve and I went on our annual vacation after tax season, to St. Maarten.  When we arrived on the island, a native looked up at the sky and announced, “Yeah, Man, looks like it’s gonna rain for a week.”  And it did just that.

So.. being an adventurous soul, with my driver in place (i.e. Steve) we went looking for something to do, when I spotted this family having a birthday party, far away from the beautiful sand and beaches.

“Stop the car,” I shouted, while my husband looked at me skeptically and said, “No way.”
So.. I spoke a little louder: “STOP THE F.. ING CAR.”
Being the good husband he is, he put the car in park, while I eagerly joined the party.

“Can I take your picture?” I asked, and the group struck a pose I could not have arranged better myself.  I snapped two shots, and knew I  had captured something wonderful on the island of St. Maarten.  I often wonder where they are today, more than 30 years later and only hope they are having as much fun.

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