Missing Dad

One of my first memories is my Dad helping me with his twin lens reflex camera, and though in later years, he tended to cut off heads in photos, he was my very first influence in photography.

A few years later, at summer camp (now defunct Robinson Crusoe) I was amazed in the darkroom when my photos developed right before my eyes.

Now, totally digital, I miss the smell of fixer and chemicals on my hands……

4 thoughts on “Missing Dad

  1. Your dad was a good man Suzy. I’m thinking we all miss him. I have a wonderful memory of dinner at your folks house. My mom and me, your parents, the Oppenheimers (mom’s 2nd cousins) and another couple. Your dad was the only republican at the table and we were merciless in wonderful fun.

    I’m glad your memories are sweet. That’s the best way to live on.



  2. I miss your sweet Dad, too. Al still carries the photo of me with the Leslie’s inner tube in his wallet. Did your Dad take it or you. We were all having fun by your parents’ pool.


  3. What a poignant tribute and pictures capturing lovely moments. I love everything about the first photo in black and white. You were so happy and he was so attentive. (We also owned an attractive tv stand such as yours!). xo


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