Street Photography

County Mayo, Ireland
County Mayo, Ireland
Since my introduction into the world of photography (long before the digital age), I have been enamoured with street photography. Influenced by Cartier-Bresson, Helen Levitt, and Elliot Erwitt, I strive to capture fleeting moments, a feeling or emotion, surrounded by interesting light and composition.
That being said, I recently went back to look at some of my earlier work, and keep coming back to an image I love, which was taken in County Mayo, Ireland in 2005.
I was with a photographic group, and we drove through a small village. Being the fearless photographer I am, I walked casually into a pub, where a lot of drinking was going on. Turns out that this was the setting for a wake and clearly they were celebrating the deceased’s life and entry into the afterlife.
Sensing a photo op, I followed one gentleman out of the pub as he stumbled into the street, and captured the moment where he tried to walk a straight line.
I have always loved this image for the spontaneity of the moment and its celebration of life.

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