A Personal Journey

Lost in thoughtAging
Like many baby boomers, we are at the stage in life, where we must watch helplessly as our parents grow old. Losing control mentally and physically, each day is a struggle.
With my siblings, I have been involved with my mother’s care and wish I could make it better. It’s difficult to watch your parents in diapers, while now the roles reverse.
I have chosen to document my mother’s struggle, perhaps to show what she cannot herself express.

9 thoughts on “A Personal Journey

  1. These pictures of your mom really capture a lot of emotion. Having known your mother for many years and spending a lot of time at your house when we were all a lot younger (eating salad with low cal dressing even before there was such a thing!) I still see a lot of the charming woman she is


  2. I love these Susie. I know how difficult this part of her journey is for you and your family. Try to cherish all of the moments while you still have them. I wish I did.


  3. Hi Susie I am very touched by your posting. It is a difficult road that you are all traveling. I have been visiting my aunt weekly, along with my cousins and it is similar for her. Give a call when you guys are free. Liz

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  4. Hi Susie. I am glad you are documenting your Mom. Inside as my Mom said, we are all in our prime. It is difficult to rectify the outside body with the inside spirit. She’s still your same old Mom inside.


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