The Tradition Continues

075 042 Selber 076 IMG_3828 Selber 077 Selber-205 - Copy Selber 078 Selber-225 Selber 079 WOOG0093-Edit Selber 080 WOOG0110 Selber 082 329 WOOG0388-Edit Selber Selber 083 358 WOOG0436 Selber SelberAfter over 30 years in the field of photography, I keep telling myself that each mitzvah I shoot is the last one.  By the end of the day or night, my feet ache, my joints suffer and I’m ready for a massage.  Yet it is hard to turn down the requests of families I have grown to know over the years, and who insist I photograph their second or third child.

It is also hard to turn away from the wonderful moments I capture:  proud parents at the bema, tears  in a grandparents eye and the wonderful coming together of family and friends.  I get to see how confident the first child has become, and see the emergence of a young girl into adulthood.

Melanie’s bat mitzvah was a special blend of two cultures, embracing their special girl.

In addition, I’ve found great photographers to help me out as I age gracefully, so kudos to Terri Olson and Krit Upra for making my job that much easier!

4 thoughts on “The Tradition Continues

  1. Hi Susie,
    I love the set of images. Great lighting and compisition. Furthermore, I am so glad you are going to continue photographing that which you do so well. Your write up was great in terms of content and expression of your thoughts and feelings.
    So comtinue as long as you can and may be you will get to capture images of grandchildren’s Bar/Bat Mirzva. 😍


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