SWW_0081 SWW_0123 SWW_0134 We were so thrilled this summer when my niece Maya finished her last chemo treatment just in time to visit us in Southampton. It was during her visit that I decided to start a personal project photographing mothers and daughters, and though I was going to put my own prose on this post, I decided that Maya said it best.

“I love these pictures Susie took of our family in the aftermath of my successful treatment for cancer. This is the end of a long vacation after a very stressful time and we are relaxed and happy. That’s my whole world right there.

There are so many hard parts to living with cancer. I worry a lot about the impact it’s having on our 4 year old daughter, Lilah. I searched for a book to help explain to her what was happening to us. We read the book Nowhere Hair by Sue Glader again and again. The cover art reminded me of the beach in Southampton where our family gathers every summer. When I began treatment for cancer I knew that I wouldn’t really know whether I could exhale until the summer. By August, I told myself, right around the time we’re leaving for Southampton. That’s when we’ll really know whether the treatment worked. I kept imagining myself standing on the beach in Southampton with the sun on my bald head and a healthy body.

This is a picture of me without cancer.”

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