Bill and Michael’s Fantastic Day

     Now that same-sex marriages have been legalized in New York State (and there is no residency  requirement), many couples have been flocking to the Big Apple to tie the knot.

Though Bill and Michael live in the Sunshine State, sadly, they could not become hitched there.

Fortunately,  a friend with a beautiful rooftop terrace in Manhattan offered up her apartment for the nuptials, and in front of an intimate group of friends and family, Bill and Michael entered the world of wedded bliss!

I was so happy to be there not only as a photographer, but as a witness to the love and joy throughout their ceremony!

schoolman-1 schoolman-2 schoolman-3 schoolman-4 schoolman-5 schoolman-6 schoolman-7 schoolman-8 schoolman-9 schoolman-10 schoolman-11 schoolman-12 schoolman-13 schoolman-14

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