An American Icon

    One thing I love about being a photographer, is the variety of assignments I get, and the people I am lucky enough to meet.

A few weeks ago, I covered an event for the Ms. Foundation, and got to meet one of my heroines: Gloria Steinem.

Feminist, journalist, and social activist, Gloria still works tirelessly for women’s rights.

In 1972, she founded Ms. Magazine, a publication I once hoped to work for.

Needless to say, that never happened, but at long last, I DID get to meet my idol.

gloria-1 gloria-2 gloria-3

4 thoughts on “An American Icon

  1. For whatever reason my comment from this morning has failed to register. So will try again,

    Susie, since you Gloria is your idol, I am glad you had an opportunity to photograph her. You did very well for her. Both of you should be pleased.


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