South African Safari

  Just back from South Africa, and still dealing with jet lag, I thought I would post some photos for those asking for images.  I must admit, however, that for me, the Safari experience was much more about THE EXPERIENCE and less about the photography.

While we drove around from 5:30am, seeking the big 5 animals, tracking them with our spotter and Ranger, we learned all about the various species.   Rangers with walkie talkies would tell each other where to spot the leopard or cheetahs, and we came incredibly close.  For me, just being there was enough.

We had a lot of down time at the lodge, and then went out again at 4pm until dark, to seek the nocturnal animals.

The gracefulness of the giraffe, the hungry lions, and enormity of the elephants was amazing.  We encountered a  roadblock of Cape Buffalo, and a leopard stalking a warthog.  We even saw a lion eating a kill.

For me, photos could not convey the experience, but these will have to suffice.

IMG_2373 IMG_2385 IMG_2461 IMG_2542 IMG_2631 IMG_2651 IMG_2666 IMG_2718 IMG_2801 IMG_2817 IMG_2851 IMG_2867 IMG_2944 IMG_3064 IMG_3073


9 thoughts on “South African Safari

  1. I totally agree. I hung on every bit of information our guide passed on to us–and he had a wealth of information. With my binoculars, I reveled in the hunt–although we were only hunting for photo ops and the opportunity to experience the animals up close and personal. The safari experience was everything I had ever dreamed it was and more…and I would do it again (and again and again) in a heartbeat. Learned more in 4 days than I did throughout 12 years of science class!! So glad y’all had the chance to experience it as well because it’s not something you can experience vicariously.


  2. Everyone is in the jeep except you. And a lion in front. So there’s a lion between you, the photographer, and the safety of the jeep. Such courage. A risk taker out in the wilds


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