Luck of the Irish

      In the midst of our Polar Vortex,  the sun came out and the temperature soared for the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in  White Plains.
Unaware of the event, I fortunately had my camera at hand, and was able to capture the true spirit of the Feast of St. Patrick.

SWW_0021 SWW_0046 SWW_0061 SWW_0071 SWW_0074 SWW_0085 SWW_0092 SWW_0094 SWW_0139 SWW_0143 SWW_0167 SWW_0171 SWW_0201 SWW_0213

5 thoughts on “Luck of the Irish

  1. that’s the difference between you and me. i was headed downtown, saw the traffic, turned around and headed to mamaroneck! these are great shots!! love the two boys and the sleepy girl


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