On the 9:58

     While traveling into the Big Apple this morning, I decided to take along my new Fuji X-E1, which is a pretty cool looking camera (think old time Leica), and which had gotten raves from lots of seasoned pros. 

I was searching for something to pique my interest when I noticed a young man I knew and had photographed several years ago.   He now had even more tattoos, and the train was moving pretty quickly, but I wanted to grab the opportunity to test my new camera, and he was more than willing to oblige.

Though Doug DOES look scary, the old saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” rings true.

I am sure he would have preferred to plug into his music and ignore my lens, but he chose not to complain, even when I asked him to remove his earplugs.

I was able to get a few images I really like and though the camera has a bit of a learning curve, I think I’ll keep it.

DSCF8531 DSCF8548 DSCF8550

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