In Sickness and In Health

     In a small and intimate ceremony on April 26, Jay and Jackie tied the knot.  While all ten participants stood under the chuppah, vows were exchanged, wine was sipped and two families were united.  Not even the pounding rain could dampen the joy and thrill felt that day. 002 SWW_3977 003 SWW_4069 004 SWW_4072 005 SWW_4074 006 SWW_4078 007 SWW_4151-Edit 008 SWW_4160 009 SWW_4161-Edit-5 010 SWW_4163 011 SWW_4190 012 SWW_4204 013 IMG_1018 014 SWW_4213-Edit 015 IMG_0994 016 IMG_0996-Edit 017 IMG_1014 018 IMG_0998 019 IMG_1025 020 SWW_4223 021 IMG_1028-Edit 022 SWW_4231 023 SWW_4239-Edit 024 SWW_4246-Edit 025 SWW_4250-Edit-Edit 026 IMG_1033 027 IMG_1037 028 IMG_1038-Edit-2

2 thoughts on “In Sickness and In Health

  1. So glad you were able to capture their happiness and create a memory for the family. I love the umbrella photos and how it showed the lightheartedness of the day. It’s very emotional to watch our little boys grow into husbands and to get to know the young women with whom they will share their lives. Thanks!!


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