As a photographer of over 30 years experience, I am always thrilled when new clients are willing to be daring and different.   I had a very fun and collaborative photo shoot with my client (who prefers to remain anonymous). While I love photographing events and portraits, it is nice to be able to bring out the sensual and show the beauty and pride women take in their bodies.  Boudoir photography makes a great gift for any husband (or any woman) for that matter.  Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or any day that ends in Y.

In this age of instagram and selfies, why not indulge  and celebrate your sexy?



001 SWW_0201 002 SWW_0039 003 SWW_0193-Edit 005 SWW_0119 006 SWW_0180







4 thoughts on “Boudoir

  1. Susie..these are good…having tried to shoot nudes over the years, with very little success, I applaud your efforts here..very tasteful…..I might even try some “selfies”. St.Clair
    ( How do you like Word Press ?)


  2. Susie,
    These are just beautiful…
    Like Katharine Hepburn said when an interviewer asked why she had nude pictures taken when she was younger, “Why wouldn’t I! Look at them! I was beautiful!”


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