A Walk in the Park

     Hard to believe I have lived in New York for over 35 years and never photographed a couple there before!

I had a blast photographing Jeff and Nancy for their engagement photos!  As we scouted out different locations in Central Park we had to stop everywhere for at least one pose… We could have gone on forever!

Of course it helps to have an adorable couple who are more than willing to oblige (as well as perfect weather and a lovely Sunday afternoon!)

Mazel tov to Jeff and Nancy!

SWW_6737 SWW_6738 SWW_6765 SWW_6773 SWW_6808 SWW_6809 SWW_6813 SWW_6823 SWW_6830 SWW_6838 SWW_6855 SWW_6874 SWW_6880 SWW_6913 SWW_6934 SWW_6937 SWW_6954 SWW_6961 SWW_6966 SWW_7006 SWW_7018 SWW_7034 SWW_7039


9 thoughts on “A Walk in the Park

  1. Susie at her best. WONDERFUL IMAGES!!! You captured the couple’s love and happiness. They are very comfortable with you ad a photographer Great virtue if yours. Ruti


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