Veronica and Adam

Though we originally chose Central Park as our location for our  engagement shoot yesterday, the Climate Change March with 400.000 participants deterred our plans.

I was really pleased however, by our serendipitous choice, as we ended up at the beautiful Bronx Botanical Gardens and had an abundance of locations to choose from.

We had lots of fun and many laughs as Veronica and Adam happily posed among the flora.

It is always a pleasure to have willing subjects, and no matter what the pose, these two were always ready for “just one more.”

I’d also look to thank my trusty assistant Val, who not only carried heavy bags, but carried Adam for 9 months as well.

These photos show the joy and love between these two, who were truly made for each other!

veronica-2 veronica-3 veronica-4 veronica-5 veronica-6 veronica-7 veronica-8 veronica-9 veronica-10 veronica-11 veronica-12 veronica-13 veronica-14 veronica-15 veronica-16 veronica-17 veronica-18 veronica-19 veronica-20 veronica-21 veronica-22 veronica-23 veronica-24 veronica-25



5 thoughts on “Veronica and Adam

  1. You are fast! Suzie the pictures are gorgeous. You really captured their happiness and I can’t wait to see the others. Adam and Veronica are over the moon happy!


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