Family Fun

  Every year I do a family photo shoot at the Jewish Community Center of Harrison and for the past several years, I am pleased to see some of the same families return again and again.

This is a quick mini-shoot, which is just enough time to get the shots we need, and is over before anyone gets too cranky or bored.

My favorite shots are those in-between moments, when fathers kiss their daughters, mothers hug their sons, and siblings torture each other!


SWW_0005 SWW_0032 SWW_0091 SWW_0101 SWW_0146-Edit-Edit SWW_0168 SWW_0191 SWW_0273 SWW_0279 SWW_0349 SWW_0406 SWW_0424 SWW_0435 SWW_0452 SWW_0488 SWW_0564-Edit

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