Cuban Memories

Now that President Obama has announced a  historic breakthrough between U.S. and Cuban relations, I am hoping to return and photograph with more freedom and access than I was granted on my 2012 visit to Havana.

Though the buildings are crumbling and the cars are ancient, I still found the people happy and friendly.

I can only wonder what it will be like in a few years time…..

Cooperman-016 Cooperman-015 Cooperman-014 Cooperman-013 Cooperman-012 Cooperman-011 Cooperman-010 Cooperman-009 Cooperman-008 Cooperman-007 Cooperman-006 Cooperman-005 Cooperman-004 Cooperman-003 Cooperman-002






6 thoughts on “Cuban Memories

  1. I always LOVED and continue to enjoy your vibrant, dynamic images of CUBA and keep the coffee table book you made on top of the reading pile, accessible. In fact, when my Mom and I had to cancel our Cuba trip because of her aging issues that book gave us the chance to at least be armchair visitors : )

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