Gay Pride in Split, Croatia

     While millions attended Gay Pride week in NYC and Washington, D.C., unfortunately the same cannot be said for the small minority in Split.

While sightseeing there in  early June, we witnessed police with threatening gear and frightening dogs appearing all over the city.  I asked what was going on, and was told that a gay pride parade would be happening.

Being the curious photojournalist I am, I decided to investigate and was amazed at what I found.

A peaceful gathering of perhaps 50 to 100 people were getting ready to march through that beautiful city, signs  held aloft, with the Mayor of Split front and center.

No clashes occurred, but the dogs and huge policemen were nevertheless, a presence we could not ignore.

DSC02809 DSC02810 DSC02818 DSC02820 DSC02834 DSC02840 DSC02843 DSC02847 DSC02851

2 thoughts on “Gay Pride in Split, Croatia

  1. Thanks for this posting especially of the Gay Pride Event. Perhaps send that to the NYTimes. It is definitely newsworthy! So glad the mayor and kids were in the parade. So were the police there to protect or harass? Glad they remained on the sidelines.


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