The Fresh Air Fund

    For my annual Fresh Air Family shoot this summer, I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful host family who run an organic farm in Riverhead, New York.

Chris and Eve Kaplan-Walbrecht  have two amazing children of their own, (Forrest and Shira), who willingly and lovingly shared their bounty with Yarel  and Ivan for their third summer.

It was hard to concentrate on all the activities they had to offer: zip line (even I tried it), horses, goats, birds, baby turkeys, and even an alpaca.

They took turns brushing the horses, holding the baby chicks, and posing like rock stars.

Clearly, the Fresh Air program is a win-win for all.

kaplan-1 kaplan-2 kaplan-3 kaplan-4 kaplan-5 kaplan-6 kaplan-7 kaplan-8 kaplan-9 kaplan-10 kaplan-11 kaplan-12 kaplan-13 kaplan-14 kaplan-15 kaplan-16

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