I Beg to Differ

Though W.C. Fields was quoted as saying, “You should never work with children or animals,” I beg to differ.

I love including dogs in family portraits, as they add a natural element of surprise and spontaneity to the picture.

It may take a few extra shots to get the quintessential image, but those moments captured in the process are also ones to treasure.

Kling2 Kling3 Kling4 Kling5


6 thoughts on “I Beg to Differ

  1. Advertising proves you’re right. Dogs are in almost every tv commercial. You don’t realize how many dogs are used until you have a dog like mine who barks at every dog on tv. It’s really hard for us to watch with all the barking! And, when I was a photographer, my favorite client was the MSPCA.

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