While street shooting in Old Havana with our Cuban guide Alain, I was introduced to the most endearing boy.  Carlitos was sitting outside his house on a chair and when he recognized his old friend, Alain, his smile could not have been more captivating!

Carlitos and his mom invited us into their home, where he demonstrated how he could now walk ( and attempted to dance with his mom).

Due to some accident at birth, “bad practice” as Alain described, this lovely 12 yr.old boy could neither speak or use his legs.

Cuban health care, which is universal and is recognized for its excellence and efficiency, paid all costs for Carlitos’s surgeries, as well as his wheelchair  and medical care.  He can now stand and walk a bit, and seems to live life to its fullest.

Despite his inability to speak, I could feel his love for his mother and his happiness within.

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