Visiting Trinidad,  Cuba is like going back in time to 1850.   It is a beautifully preserved Spanish Colonial settlement, which was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1988.

Trinidad is a great little town to walk and explore in.  Cobblestone streets, horse and carts and friendly residents made it a highlight of my Cuban adventure.

Kids played soccer in the square, musicians were everywhere and the beautiful light made for some lovely images.001 SWW_2849002 SWW_3085-2003 SWW_3089004 SWW_3120005 SWW_3198006 SWW_3243007 SWW_3331008 SWW_3339009 SWW_2960010 SWW_3396011 SWW_3692012 SWW_3735013 SWW_2853014 SWW_2837-2015 SWW_3773016 SWW_3781017 SWW_2942

7 thoughts on “Trinidad

  1. What was from the Colonial era? I would like to see some of the old stuff that makes it world heritage material. Of course your people shots bring it to life.


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