Classic Cars

Mention Cuba and the first image that pops into most people’s heads is old cars.  Tens of thousands of vintage American cars are scattered throughout the county, manufactured before the revolution .  Everywhere you look in Cuba, there is a colorful old American brand, ranging from Chevys to Plymouth, Oldsmobile to Studebaker.

Due to the U.S. embargo and local restrictions on car purchases, Cubans’ 50 year old cars have given that country a unique look.

So while these classic cars may look like a collector’s dream, it is very difficult to get spare parts and keep them going.

On almost every street I passed, people were looking underneath their cars or hood, fixing and keeping their cars running any way possible!

With U.S and Cuba relations thawing, however, I wonder how long this visual automotive gallery will last.001 SWW_2651002 SWW_2084003 SWW_2316004 SWW_6406005 SWW_2151006 SWW_2658007 SWW_4586008 SWW_5451009 SWW_1970010 SWW_3339011 739ff6b5-45cc-4d52-a4c0-255b72ca54a3011 SWW_2723012 IMG_0681013 IMG_0145

5 thoughts on “Classic Cars

  1. Nice timely theme. Indeed they are historical national artifacts adding color and shine to the landscapes. These cars will be GONE in a few years.Dan’s right, submit it now! Like all of them. esp: guy on sidewalk taken through car window.


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