The Circle of Life

I had a lot of fun photographing the Espinoza family in the final stages of pregnancy, and little did I know, that on the same day my mother died, Valentina was being born.

This little gift arrived two weeks early,  truly completing the circle of life.Woog Wagner-1Woog Wagner-2Woog Wagner-3Woog Wagner-4Woog Wagner-5Woog Wagner-6Woog Wagner-7

3 thoughts on “The Circle of Life

  1. That is true. Nice set of pictures. I imagine they will treasure them. I recently read that death is a process not an event. One life leaves us and a new one comes into being. My first great grandchild, a boy, is due any time. Expect pictures of course. StClair

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  2. Beautiful. I like the one where Dad kisses her belly, with son on his shoulders. Very spiritual that the baby was born when your mom died. Perhaps her spirit is in the baby. I felt that when Jon was born the same day my friend Delia died.


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