The face of Tates


The Patriarch of this family just passed away, shortly after his wife Millie’s passing.

May they RIP.bdffb371-915f-4dae-94c4-068d370d24d7e5d4c656-8b01-4d5c-a646-a4d4c4716063Tate’s chocolate chip cookies are perhaps the best in the world.  Crisp and buttery (some even gluten free), they are now sold all over the county and as far as Japan and St. Barts.  Started by Kathleen King, who began baking at a young age at her parents farm in Southampton, they are now famously known as Tate’s Cookies. 

I had the good fortune of meeting  the man behind the name, Mr. King, father of Kathleen, yet more popularly known as TATE.

I met Tate at the North Sea farm he owns, and where I regularly shop on the East End, and he explained to me how he got the nickname which stuck for more than 75 years.

“When I was a little kid, picking potatoes on the farm, I’d pick up the little ones nobody wanted and throw them at the big kids.  They called me Little Tater. ”

The name ws shortened to Tate and has stuck ever since. Who knew it would now be recognized worldwide as well?

8 thoughts on “The face of Tates

  1. Susie, these are such tender photos. You really have an innate talent in photographing people in a natural setting. Very moving!


  2. I knew Tate sense 1964 when we lived in North Sea. He kept cows then. We raised our first child on his milk and eggs. Even when we moved away and didn’t see him for years, he remembered me and the meany talks we had. He was a great person to know. I am sorry for his passing.


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