A Bronx Halloween

Living in the suburbs, we rarely get more than a few trick or treaters, so this year I  went to the Bronx Documentary Center in the Jerome area neighborhood to capture the essence of Halloween.

While children in costume were treated to free portraits at the BDC, I wandered out into the street, where kids and parents were handed candy by the local businesses.

It was a wonderful night for all.sww_0845sww_0866sww_0886sww_0903sww_0906sww_0915sww_0918sww_0920sww_0924sww_0932sww_0944sww_0949sww_0951sww_0961sww_0976sww_0977sww_0992sww_0993sww_0995sww_0998sww_1007sww_1011sww_1012sww_1017sww_1027sww_1037sww_1070

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