Our Local “Cheers”

Within the large and somewhat impersonal city of White Plains, there exists our own  little piece of Americana.

A local grocery store (started as a Gristedes, but now known as Rooster’s Market, is hangout for locals, in the Gedney area of White Plains.

On any given day, at any time, Rooster’s is abuzz with lots of activity.  Those who take their daily coffee with their  newspaper (still the print version), workmen having breakfast, middle school students gabbing and grabbing lunch, families enjoying Sunday brunch, retirees just shooting the breeze, and moms with kids in tow, are all part of the ambience.

The local butcher cuts the brisket, while the short order cooks are hard at work, trying to keep up with the constant demand.

And no matter who you are, as in TV’s Bar at Cheers, everyone knows your name.”001002003004005007009010011012013014015020

4 thoughts on “Our Local “Cheers”

  1. Nice images, Susie. My Girl Friend is here and my Mother is in the hospital at nearly 100, so busy times. Trust you are staying busy.
    I liked the last image the best


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