Enough is Enough

Last Sunday, opponents of the NRA protested in downtown White Plains.  Gathered on the steps of the Westchester Republican Committee office, mothers, fathers, and children joined together to demand action on gun control.rally-1rally-2rally-3rally-4rally-6rally-7rally-8rally-9rally-10rally-11rally-12rally-13

A Better Chance

A Better Chance of Westport is part of a national program that brings academically talented inner-city students to some of our best public schools around the country.  These scholars, hand- picked through a grueling interview process, live together in an environment that encourages education, while at the same time increasing diversity in the Westport community.

They say, “It takes a village, and ” This is definitely true at the ABC House of Westport.

The house has resident advisors who live there with their own 2 children, and oversee the running of the home, as well as a personal chef who loves hanging out with the students and makes delicious nutritious meals daily. In addition, the boys participate in daily life, making sure to do their chores and keep up with homework.

Each student has a host family, who they see on weekends, and there are many other volunteers, such as drivers, tutors, and mentors.

I recently met these amazing students, and documented a small bit of their lives at the Glendarcy House where they live together within walking distance of Staples High School.  

Since its inception in 2002, A Better Chance of Westport has had 17 graduates who have gone on to colleges, universities and graduate schools, and become leaders in their fields.


The Caring Son

I recently found this almost 30 year old photo in my darkroom files.  It shows the caring and love my Dad had for his 99year old mother right before she passed away. 

I repeated this scene in my mother’s own bed at home, and with my father before his death as well.  

While my grandmother was living, my own children were very young and I have many memories of them going to visit her as well,jumping on their bed and trying to bring joy to the situation. 

As our population ages, this scene becomes very familiar. I am glad I was able to save and share this memory.

The First

Though I have been photographing families and children for over 40 years, I still love the wonder of the first.. the first baby to new parents, the first grandchild on both sides, the first step, etc.

I had the pleasure of photographing new parents and first time grandparents last week, and can’t decide who is more proud. Either way, a new child is a  gift that keeps on giving.

It’s nice to include the whole family in a shoot (so long as the main subject lasts, of course) and I love capturing the 3 generations in one frame.rieger-1rieger-2rieger-3rieger-4rieger-5rieger-7rieger-8rieger-9rieger-10rieger-11rieger-12rieger-13rieger-14rieger-15rieger-16rieger-17