The Next Chapter

I had the pleasure of photographing Nancy and Jeff for their engagement several years ago, and was very excited to be able to capture them again in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Not only is Nancy glowing, but Jeff is beaming as well. They are both so excited for this next chapter in life!

Every day Jeff reads to the baby from a children’s book, making sure she (yes, it’s a she…) will recognize his voice when she emerges.

Nancy is the calmest expectant mother I have seen, and their love is stronger now than ever.  family-1family-2family-3family-4family-5family-6family-7family-8

Next up: The Newborn!!


Cuba Revisited

Since the death of Fidel Castro, I have been combing through my archives of Cuban photos,  and have found some interesting work I have not yet posted.

It is fun to go back and edit work after a period of time, and often you see it with fresh eyes.


Westchester’s Sanctuary

A march and rally to make Westchester a Sanctuary was held Friday, Nov. 25 in downtown White Plains.

Hundreds of people attended a unity rally to support issues such as immigration rights, sanctuary cities, LGBT, supporting refugees, families and women’s rights.

The march, sponsored by WESPAC ended up at the Westchester County Courthouse in front of a statue of Martin Luther King.001untitled002untitled003untitled004untitled005untitled006untitled007untitled008untitled009untitled010untitled011untitled012untitled013untitled

Fall Portraits

Last weekend the foliage was at its peak in Westchester County and I had the opportunity to photograph two families I have been photographing over several years.  It’s so much fun to see how families grow,  how siblings interact, and the psychology behind a family portrait.


A Bronx Halloween

Living in the suburbs, we rarely get more than a few trick or treaters, so this year I  went to the Bronx Documentary Center in the Jerome area neighborhood to capture the essence of Halloween.

While children in costume were treated to free portraits at the BDC, I wandered out into the street, where kids and parents were handed candy by the local businesses.

It was a wonderful night for all.sww_0845sww_0866sww_0886sww_0903sww_0906sww_0915sww_0918sww_0920sww_0924sww_0932sww_0944sww_0949sww_0951sww_0961sww_0976sww_0977sww_0992sww_0993sww_0995sww_0998sww_1007sww_1011sww_1012sww_1017sww_1027sww_1037sww_1070

Brighton Beach

      On an unseasonably warm October day I went to visit Brighton Beach, not to write my memoirs, but to see the Russian area of Brooklyn, and do some candid street shooting.

The area is filled with old, young, Russian, Hispanic, but all were just out to enjoy the beautiful day.sww_0587sww_0606sww_0620sww_0649sww_0660sww_0726sww_0734sww_0748sww_0782sww_0790sww_0806sww_0811sww_0820

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

     I recently revisited some images I had taken in a remote area of Romania in May 2014, which happened to coincide with haymaking season. 

I was in the village of Hoteni, in Maramures, one of the most remote areas of Europe, where villagers preserve a way of life that most cast off centuries ago.

Romanian villagers still use horse-drawn carts and work the land together.  Hay is made by hand, cut with scythes, turned while using homemade wooden pitchforks and draped over wooden railing to dry.

Hay can be ruined easily if it gets too wet, and these farmers must make haste while the weather is good.





I decided to revisit my images from  my past two visits to Cuba, and at each edit I discover something I hadn’t seen before.

Children, women, men, dancers and cock fighters… There’s more to come.13456789101112tropicana